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Brad Pitt – Home Tank

Soviet working tank T-54. Pitt starred with him in the same film, and when the work was over, the actor realized – this is love at first sight. At the same moment, he bought the tank and took it home.

Angelina Jolie – Personal waterfall and an island she bought with the change

In the past decade, Jolie decided to please her husband and bought a whole heart-shaped island near their permanent place of residence.

However, if you can still put up with the island and it’s kind of like pop, then her next gift to the lover caused him bewilderment – the actress gave Pitt his waterfall somewhere in the hard-to-reach wilds. True, she bought the waterfall with the intention that there she would build a chic mansion right in the middle of a stormy river.

Kim Basinger – Her city and everything there is

In the 90s, a wealthy actress pocketed the town of Braselton with a population of several thousand people.

The essence of this absurd purchase came down to a competent investment – she decided that she could single-handedly create a new Hollywood and soon her kingdom would be the center of world cinema. However, it didn’t work out. A year later Basinger was forced to sell the city for twenty times less than she had bought.

Nicolas Cage – Stolen dinosaur

The strangest purchase, however, was a 67 million-year-old dinosaur skull.

However, the most absurd of this purchase lies in the fact that the remains of the dinosaur never reached him at auction. After the sale, information surfaced that the skull had been illegally taken out of Mongolia. The Mongols, in turn, got excited and took their property away from the lavish actor.

So the actor was left without a personal dinosaur and a significant amount.