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Hellfjord (2012)

We must warn you: this TV show has extremely dark and controversial humor. Moreover, it is very rough and even disgusting at times. If the above-said only makes you curious, then you are going to have three and a half hours of good laughs.

You should give credit to the creators of Hellfjord — they make clear that their show is truly unique. It tells a story of a police officer Salmander who publicly disgraces himself by killing off his horse by mistake. His boss sends him off to the most remote outpost he can find, which is a small island almost entirely dependent on its fish factory. The cop is about to meet disgruntled retirees and even a sea monster! Can he finish the investigation?

Magnus (2019)

This extraordinary television series combines subtle jokes with straight absurd. It tells an intriguing detective story set in an eerie sci-fi universe. The unique world of this TV show includes elements of Scandinavian mythology, which makes everything even more crazy and fun.

The main character Magnus is verged between genius and stupidity while his apathetic partner has suicidal thoughts. Moreover, they team up with a school kid who is constantly bullied by classmates. These three losers take on a high-profile case but have no idea who and what they are going to face.

Lilyhammer (2012-2014)

Frank Tagliano is a former gangster from New York who has snitched on his boss. As you might have guessed, now mafia is trying to kill him. The mob is forced to hide from his former colleagues in a small Norwegian town Lillehammer. Why Lillehammer? Frank has chosen this isolated city just because of the 1994 Winter Olympics, which took place here.